Social Media Overview

Throughout this course, you will work collaboratively with your Learning Team to create a best practices guide that will be prepared for a family counseling center for use in training staff on working with families on the topic of social media and its effects on human interaction. Your guide will include the following:

Overview of social media, including its definition, general statistics on usage in the United States., and common effects on online and offline behaviors

Overview of social media usage across generations

In-depth guide on social media usage and best practices based on the selection of one developmental stage

Best practices for maximizing benefits and minimizing risks, including recommendations for how social media can help to address real-world issues for that particular stage, as well as areas of particular concern for the selected group that should be identified as behaviors to avoid

Trends in social media and implications for the selected demographic and for society as a whole

The final guide will be presented as a paper and accompanying presentation.

Sample Solution