Social Media: Personal Reflection on Positive and Negative Benefits


Paper structure and outline:
This personal essay. You can use your ideas to do this essay. You must to follow the 3 questions and answer them.

Question 1- Personal Reflection: How are you currently using social media? Why have you adopted this behavior? How has social media changed/impacted your life. (6 marks – 3 key points, each worth 2 marks for quality and thoughtfulness/appropriateness) – [Note: This information is personal but should reflect your observations that you went through during responding to the survey.]
I have attached my survey for you, and you need to follow it to answer some questions.

Question 2- Your Opinion of Social Media: Overall, from an impact on society. Is social media having a positive or negative impact? This should be a clear and defensible thesis statement. (2 marks for appropriate, clear thesis statement). [Note: This opinion should be derived from the articles provided.] I have attached the website link of the articles for you
 Defensible Positives/Negatives: Provide thoughtful evidence of your thesis that social media is either having a positive or negative impact on society. Minimum of two pieces of evidence. (4 marks – 1 mark for identification of beneficiary + 1 mark for a thoughtful explanation for each)

Question 3-Your Views on Privacy: Do you have concerns about personal privacy as a result of social media use? If so, describe the concern. If not, describe why this is not an issue in your use. (3 marks for a thoughtful and appropriate reflection on this issue).

 Length: Minimum 700 words / Maximum 800 words not including reference page.
 Must have at least 1 external source cited which can include one of the articles provided In-text citations and reference list must be provided in APA format.
Do not copy any sentence from online. If you have any question, plz text me.

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