Social Media Rules in the UAE.

Write two articles about social media rules in the United Arab Emirates. in the poster add 5 points do and 5 don’t with graphics and texts.

Create a ‘Do’s and Don’ts poster on the topic of privacy, photographs and social media for tourists coming to the UAE. First, create a list of the laws and their articles over privacy and cybercrime. To do this, go into ‘Instructor’s Teaching Materials (folder week 10) and read through the pdfs/newspaper articles. Also bear in mind what the problems might be when tourists post photographs on social media. Second, create a Do’s and Don’ts poster, telling tourists on the poster in informal language (that is, not using legal jargon) what they can and can’t (or shouldn’t) do with regard to photographs and privacy. Please quote the sources and texts from the laws/ newspaper articles which you use to create your poster in the form of footnotes at the bottom of the poster. Also provide a full list of references in a separate appendix.



Sample Solution