Social Problem


Choose a social problem that you believe our society is facing. In 4-5 pages, you will analyze the social problem Paper Objectives: You will go over the social problem and connect it to course material and reading. You will also be required to connect your exploration of the social problem to one of the sociological perspectives (conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, or structural functionalism). You will include outside research to support your arguments. Paragraph 1: Introduction – basic points on your topic. Put your social problem in social context. Paragraph 2: explore the social problem in more detail. This is where you include statistics and your research on the social problem. This is also probably where you will use more of your in-text citations. Paragraph 3: The sociological perspective section. Choose one of the following: conflict theory, functionalism, or symbolic interaction-ism. Include a definition of the theory and explain how you could apply it to explain your social problem. Paragraph 4: How would you solve the problem? Paragraph 5: Conclusion





Sample Solutions