Social Psychology in Film

In addition to entertaining us, television and film offer detailed portrayals of human social behavior. Your task in this assignment is to analyze, from a social-psychological perspective, the behaviors and events depicted in one in a popular film or television show of your choosing. You are not being asked to critique the film in terms of its entertainment value; rather, you should think carefully about the human actions and events are portrayed. With these events in mind, apply the concepts we have covered to explain the characters’ behavior. After reviewing your notes and readings, identify three social-psychological principles that appear to be at work (e.g., fundamental attribution error, heuristics, overconfidence barrier, priming, primacy effect, belief perseverance, self-serving attribution, social tuning, cognitive dissonance, schemas, self-fulfilling prophecies, groupthink, deindividuation, conformity, etc.). For each principle that you identify: (a) briefly describe the relevant scene so that someone who hasn’t seen it can follow (note: be as concise as possible in your scene description, devoting most of your space to the academic analysis rather than the description portion) (b) describe in detail the social-psychological principle you believe is relevant (c) elaborate on how the selected scene conforms and/or fails to conform to the social psychological principle you have identified Your written analysis should be organized into essay form, approximately 4-6 pages, separated by paragraphs.

Sample Solution