Social safety net

1) Evaluate and discuss the evolution of the social safety net within North America and elaborate how it has helped a specific marginalized group of society to rise above its circumstances and how retrenchment has impacted this group. Draw on your own reflections of the main concepts from the course to support your position.
Consult at least 5 scholarly articles or books (preferably, a combination of both). At least three of the sources for each essay must be from the textbook or assigned readings, excluding the Study Guide. Rather, go to the sources it identifies for further information. In the Digital Reading Room and in the “Supplementary Readings List” you will find additional sources that provide many excellent sources on these topics. Try to include at least two sources beyond those that have been assigned.
Textbooks Lightman, E. (2003). Social policy in Canada. Don Mills ON: Oxford University Press. Or Lightman, E., & Lightman, N. (2017). Social policy in Canada (2nd ed.). Don Mills ON: Oxford University Press
Go to the website called Athabasca University, sign into the Myau using my username and password Username is 3235965 Password is 1 holy1fire Go to HSRV 322, Ideology and policy evolution and read the materials and use them in the paper. Please do not use any patch paraphrasing or plagiarize any materials, it all has to be sourced and cited.

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