Social Studies Newsletter

Social studies can be viewed as a person’s study of the environment around him or her, past and present. The study can be passive or interactive. Connections for social studies content can be made by early childhood students through a variety of experiences including in the classroom, in other areas of the school, at home, in their neighborhood and through their travel.
For this assignment, write a 250-500 word newsletter to send home to families at the beginning of the unit plan you created in this course. The newsletter should discuss the importance of social studies and how it can be integrated into other content areas as well as provide families opportunities to extend the learning at home.

Include in your newsletter:

The theme/topic of your unit and a brief synopsis of the intended content.
Learning targets students should meet by the end of the unit.
Extension activities families can do at home to create social studies connections in varied contexts, both at home and in the community.

Sample Solution