Social Work

1. Your paper should answer the following questions using an ecological assessment and analysis by linking theories/knowledge to practice. Please ensure that you use other theories and knowledge to inform your case study analysis.
1. Demonstrate your understanding of an ecological assessment and its importance in social work with children and families.
2. What is your understanding of the children and their experiences. Ensure that you refer to developmental theories, rights of children (united nations convention), ecological systems theory, attachment theory, etc
3. What is your assessment of the parent? What factors impact on her parenting ability?
4. What is your understanding of the parent-child relationship? What impacts on the parent-child relationship?
5. What is your analysis of the context within which the family live and how does this impact on the children and their development?
6. If you are the social worker working with this family what processes are required to build solutions?
2. The application of theory and knowledge to practice informs ethical social work practice. In your concluding paragraph, what did you learn most through the analysis of this case study?



Sample Solution