social work practice in complex practice contexts

Identify and explain aspects of the scenario that you as a practitioner may experience as complex
• Identify and explain ethical considerations that are significant for you as a social work practitioner in the scenario
• Identify and clarify at least one legal consideration in the scenario, drawing on relevant legal information
• Indicate how the social worker might proceed drawing on the AASW Code of Ethics, AASW Standards, relevant concepts, theories and literature
• Demonstrate your capacity to recognise and analyse practice responses that are context responsive, well founded and consistent with the core values and ethics of social work
• Demonstrate your ability to be reflexive, that is, acknowledge the influence of your own preferences and personhood, including how you understand and respond to complexity
• Develop a logically structured, well researched, coherently argued analysis that is appropriately supported by relevant and credible sources, research and analytical literature
• Demonstrate an emerging professional level of written expression including grammar, punctuation, spelling and referencing
Scenario for Assessment
M(26 years old) is a man who is unemployed and have no home to live in. He consumes drugs and drinks alcohol usually. He believes that he was being sexually assaulted and was physically abused as well as emotionally abused by his step father after the death of his mother but he also says that he had faced lot of difficulty in living with his family before his mother death. He had problems with his biological mother and stepfather, since his mother had married his step farther. He left home when he was 17 years old and lately his step father is trying to contact him which is causing anxiety and stress in him.He says that he had tried to leave drugs and alcohol but it is difficult for him to do that.





Sample Solution