Social worker in the mental health sector.

Answer these questions in the essay. do not forget any of these points. include all of them thank you.
1 Use critical self-reflection skills to describe your motivations for wanting to work in the mental health field as a
social worker and Insightful and reflective explanation of motivations for wanting to. Also Clear and detailed
explanation of social issues addressed and, Clear and detailed explanation of types of services provided work
in the mental health field
2.Describe the major social issues that are addressed by the sector. In other words, why would someone need
to come and use services from this sector? What issues have they experienced that have led them to require

  1. Describe the major types of services provided across the micro, mezzo and macro continuum. Again, think
    about patterns you are seeing across the sector
  2. Using an intersectional lens, critically analyze gaps in service for specific populations. In other words, are
    there barriers to these services for certain marginalized communities? Are there specific needs of certain
    marginalized communities that are not met by this sector as a whole?

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