sociological or journalistic approach

1-Read the attached Notes on Film, which describes a number of common filmmaking techniques, then read the attached Characteristics of Alfred Hitchcock’s Style in filmmaking. Then view the classic film North by Northwest, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is available on HBO (you can get a free 10-day subscription), Netflix and several other streaming services. It is also available free on Youtube scene by scene, but not as a continuous film.

2-Provide an analysis of North by Northwest in which you identify and describe five examples of filmmaking techniques utilized in the film, and also identify and describe examples of all of the characteristics of Alfred Hitchcock’s style.

3-This may be in either a narrative or bullet point format.

See Characteristics of Alfred Hitchcock’s Style.docx (11.651 KB)
Types of films:

Narrative – tells a story (many sub-genres such as Western, detective story, science fiction, horror, romantic comedy, etc.) which may be fictional or true

Documentary – sociological or journalistic approach; based on reality

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