Sociology: Hooking Up

Technology and social media have made connecting with others easier. As a result, dating opportunities have also changed for people. With dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Grindr, hook-ups, relationships, and “situationships” have become easier to access. Or, have they? Using course material, describe hook-up culture. Do you think hook-up culture is a product of the deinstitutionalization of marriage (Cherlin)? Declined marriage rates? Or, do you think hook-up culture has urged young people to retreat from marriage altogether?You are free to use personal examples in your post, but make sure that you spend the majority of your discussion on course readings and concepts. You are required to cite at least two course readings in your post. Additionally, in your replies, make sure that you are not reiterating what you have discussed in your initial post.. Make sure that you are demonstrating you have read the material and understand what we have covered thus far. Posts without course material will lose points. Remember, your initial post is 400-500 words. Word Count at bottom.

Sample Solution