Sociology of education

Chambliss & Takacs write that the main goal of How College Works is “to help colleges get better results”. They go on to argue that, “Belonging, we think, is central to how colleges operate as effective educational institutions. Belonging isn’t abstract; real things that happen in daily life create the feeling—the reality—of belonging to groups and to the community they make up” p.79

Imagine that you are serving as a student representative on a higher education task force, with the goal of helping UAlbany “get better results”. Write a brief memo addressing the following points:

a. What factors play a critical role in encouraging student success? Do you agree that belonging is central to student success? If so, brainstorm a few possible programs/policies that could be created.

b. Identify any difficulties, barriers, or concerns that you may encounter when trying to enact these programs and policies.

Sample Solution