Sociology of Sport

You have the choice of the following 2 topics to write about.
1. Sport, global development and conflict — for example: can sport be a tool for social and/or economic development or for coexistence and peace in regions of protracted conflict? How does sport and play impact education in developing nations? Can e-sport tournaments be used to foster peace, coexistence and tolerance? (These are examples of research questions for this topic but you are welcome to interpret the topic as you see fit)
2. Sport Media, Activist Athletes and Social Change — for example, what role does sport media play in setting the conversation about athletes and activism (potential topics include the Kaepernick situation/anthem debate or how LeBron James and Kevin Durant handled the ‘shut up and dribble’ comments last year; how athletes with disabilities press for awareness, adequate compensation and increased visibility; trans athletes fights to participate in appropriate tournaments)









































































Sample Solution