Sociology (Social Psychology)

Write a typewritten 3-page paper about following topic, double spaced, 12 point font, 1″ margins. Write your name in the top right corner. Write the number of the prompt you have chosen below your name. Be sure to use readings and lecture material in your paper. You may only use a maximum of 3 quotes in the paper, the rest of the paper should be all in your own words. Be sure to cite quotes properly.

“Observe children in a preschool setting for at least an hour. Write a paper explaining the different processes of socialization you saw there. Were there any differences between boys and girls? How often do the children imitate the behavior of their preschool teachers? Identify Mead’s play and game stage in the children’s behavior.”

Textbook: Social Psychology, 9th edition, John D. DeLamater and Jessica Collett

Sample Solution