Soft drink consumption among Australian adolescence

propose an evidence-based solution to your public health issue. You will also need to develop and justify a way of evaluating your proposed solution

• Present a convincing argument that the health issue warrants a public health intervention by summarising the magnitude of the public health issue, identifying the at-risk population(s), and outlining the issue’s risk factors and/or enablers. 300-400 words

• Identify the target population, goal, and objectives for your proposed intervention.100-200 words

• Critically appraise the current intervention evidence base to address your health issue, including identifying gaps and limitations. [note: this section of the assignment requires you to conduct a systematic literature search and review of the literature*] 600-700 words

• Propose your intervention design, providing rationale underpinned by evidence, prevention and health promotion values and principles and/or theoretical frameworks, where relevant. 600-700 words

• Present an evidence-based evaluation design for your proposed intervention, including setting appropriate indicators and measurement methods. 600-700 words

– Produce a 1-page (maximum) summary as an appendix (not included in the word count), documenting your literature search strategy conducted for this problem analysis.





Sample Solution