Software package for Doctors in the Orthopedic department at UPMC.

You are to write a one page paper on the following:
You have been contracted to write a software package for Doctors in the Orthopaedic department at UPMC. The software you have written will store a great amount of details for the Doctor’s surgery.
You have been paid for writing the custom software, and now the head of the Department wants to give the software to another Department to store their surgical information as well.
Should you allow them to “hand over” your software without any compensation.
Using the information in Chapter 4, please argue either way as to if you will allow the software to be copied. You may take either side, but you must back up your stand.
Remember that the paper is to be 1″margins all around, double spaced and font times new roman 12. Please place you name and date at the top of the page also.










Sample Solution