Solution-Focused Theory

Complete the questions below. Your written answer for each question should be between 100-150 words in length. Use your own words and include citations where appropriate.
1. What is complimenting? Provide an example of how complimenting can be used in therapy.

2. What is pre-therapy change? Provide an example of how you would bring it to the client’s attention.

3. Why is it important to form a collaborative relationship with your client?

4. Provide an example of a coping question. What kind of response would you hope to receive by asking your coping question?

5. Give your own version of a scaling question. What is the intent of your scaling question, and what would the scale indicate?

6. How often would you assess motivation? When might it be appropriate to use a Miracle Question with a client?

7. Which populations would be best suited for treatment using solution-focused interventions? Which populations would not respond well to these interventions?





Sample Solution