Sourcing and Supply Management

Sourcing and Supply Management; importance of strategic procurement in Singapore to bid and secure Covid-19 Vaccines, appraise category strategy development and relevant strategies undertaken.
Read the articles and answer the Questions

(1) Channel News Asia, 24 Jul 2020: “Singapore in ‘proactive’ discussion with industry players to ensure early access to COVID-19 vaccines”
(2) The Straits Times, 24 Dec 2020: “The next phase in fight against Covid-19”
(a) Show the importance of strategic procurement (and sourcing) in Singapore’s bid to secure Covid-19 vaccines for the nation.(30 marks)

(b) Appraise (i) the category strategy development and (ii) the relevant supply management strategies undertaken, to effectively to secure early supplies of Covid-19 vaccines.

You may use (i) any of the market research and strategy development concepts covered in class. Then (ii) relate how the supply management strategies you have identified from the articles can be used to secure the vaccines. (70 marks)

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