Southwest Airline

Paper details v
1- Conduct an analysis of the US airlines industry using the appropriate model (name it), and comment on its profit potential-
2- Draw a Strategic Group Map of the airline industry. Clearly label the axes, and indicate the various strategic groups that exist Within it- Which
strategic type would you identify with Southwest Airlines and why? The SGM should be attached (will not count in the word limit)-
3- What is Southwest Airline’s business-level strategy? What are the KSFs (Key success factors) that single out SWA? ls SWA’s competitive
advantage sustainable in the long run?
4- What can be concluded from the financial condition of SWA over the years covered in the case? Attach a spreadsheet showing your work (Will not
be counted in the word limit)- In your narrative response include comments on the trends in the financial ratios you have calculated-
5- In View of the changed conditions since the case was written, What recommendations would you make for southwest Airlines?





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