Special Topics in Leadership

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One of the major issues in leadership is dealing with gender/sex differences. There are hundreds of articles from respectable sources that discusses the difference between women and men in management/leadership. Many of the articles are combating the negative stereotypes of women in leadership roles and their ability to be successful.
The questions I will ask you are “hot button” questions that could raise some particular feelings one direction or the other. I ask that you answer these questions thoughtfully, respectfully, and with an open mind. This is a learning space and I hope that open dialogue is important in the learning process. One person’s view may come from their personal experiences or initial beliefs, but could be swayed to a different viewpoint with quality, well sourced responses.

  1. We know women can lead and have been successful business and world leaders for years, but are men better in “certain” leadership situations than women?
  2. Should there be a conscious effort to increase the number of women in leadership roles in organizations?

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