Speech Analysis

1) Introduction (5 parts in this order) – 1. Attention-Getter, 2. State the Title, 3. Explain the importance of relevance of your topic, 4. Explain your credibility/background that enables you to speak as an authority on the topic, 5. Tell us the 3 main points you will cover during the speech.

2) Body (3 main points with supporting material) – 1. Main points should be previewed in the introduction, clearly stated and identified during the speech, and mentioned again in the closing, 2. Signpost each of the 3 main points (see the textbook for description of the 4 S’s), 3. State the points, 4. Provide adequate supporting material for each point, 5. Use a summary statement to end each main point section before moving to the next item.

3) Closing (3 parts in this order) – 1. Restate the 3 main points you just talked about in the speech, 2. Summarize the overall message of your speech, 3. Provide a definite closure or ending to the speech (DO NOT END WITH “That’s it” or “That’s all I’ve got”, etc.) Close with a purpose.

Sample Solution