Sport performance

1.Given optimal performance is the goal for an athlete, how would you go about implanting behavioral changes to improve performance? Explain and discuss four concepts or theories on how to improve/ manipulate performance. Use two concepts to help explain when an athlete has a poor performance. Arousal and coping chapters 2. Explain the relationship between arousal and performance. Identify the concepts and discuss why athletes in different sports and at different skill levels would comparatively need varying levels of arousal in order to perform at their optimal level. Next outline what you would look for in someone experiencing pre competitive state anxiety and explain why someone might experiencing pre competitive anxiety. Lastly, offer and explain how to use two techniques as to cope with or regulate high levels of arousal prior to competition
3.expain attribution of any of the other motivational theories covered from your readings and how motivational levels in individuals can change and vary. Give and example of an attribution training program and include what would warrant putting an athlete into such a program. Be sure you also discuss how emotional affect will in turn effect physical performance. Team Cohesion and Leadership 4. When discussing team cohesion, Why is it crucial to differentiate between task and social cohesion? In order to facilitate a positive and productive team environment what does someone in a position of authority need to consider in order to develop and accomplish this goal? Integrate theories related to leadership in sport to answer these questions

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