Sports marketing has two key features

One feature is the application of general marketing practices to sport-related products (for example,
marketing of sport products and services directly to sport consumers such as sporting equipment,
professional competitions, sport events and local clubs).
The other (2) is the marketing of other consumer and industrial products or services through sport (for
example a professional athlete endorsing a breakfast cereal, a corporation sponsoring a sport event, or a
beer company arranging to have exclusive rights to provide beer at a sport venue).
Assignment details
Select a brand that operates in the ‘sports marketing’ business. For example, ‘Nike’, ‘Adidas’, ‘Real Madrid’,
Barcelona’, ‘Red Bull’, ‘Lucozade’, ‘Rip Curl’, ‘Speedo’ – the choice is up to you, but discuss with your
seminar tutor before you start working on the assignment.
Analyse the way in which your chosen brand is marketed. Remember that in marketing, ‘differentiation’ is
key – so brands such as ‘Nike’ and ‘Adidas’ will employ marketing strategies (4Ps – Product, Price, Place
Promotion) that will define their position in the market.
Therefore, in the example provided here, how does the ‘brand message’ communicated by ‘Nike’ differ from
the message communicated by its competitors? How is this reflected in the product range, the price, where
(and how) the products are sold, and how they are promoted?

Sample Solution