Sports Officiating

1.Female officials have broken many barriers and are now officiating men’s sports such as minor league baseball and college football. Although male officials have been refereeing female sports for decades, do you think that this makes the male athletes and coaches uncomfortable? Furthermore, do you think that this is a positive benefit to society and character development through sports participation?

2.Two factors important in developing goals are to know yourself and to know what you need to achieve your goal. Discuss some of your career goals and what they mean to you. Include information about what you need (skills, knowledge, attitudes) in order to achieve these goals. 3.Elaborate on the principle, “communication is irreversible.” Too often, we say, write, or do things that we wish we could take back. Discuss a situation in which something said, written, or done (communication) caused major problems. What would you do differently now? 4.Imagine and describe the thoughts and self-talk of an athlete with performance anxiety in pressure situations and after he or she has made several mistakes. Identify negative self-talk and areas where this athletes’ thoughts can be improved. Replace this athletes’ negative/defeating self-talk with positive thoughts and self-talk. Utilize the mental skills and techniques described in the chapter. Make sure to write out all the thoughts and be detailed in your answer! 5. Conflicts can arise in any situation. Using the list in your text and adding a few of your own, how do you determine that a player or team should be formally warned, penalized, or ejected? At what point would you agree to a game being forfeited? 6. Discuss your personal fitness plan. How do you stay healthy? What inspires you to maintain your health and physical fitness? 7.Discuss and explain limited-liability model legislation. Include your views regarding this model and impending lawsuits against sports officials. Make sure to include your state’s position on this issue. 8.Discuss your results on the Time Management Self-Assessment Form. What areas are your strongest? In what areas do you need work? What do you think might help you or someone else strengthen time management skills?




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