Sports Psychology – Psychological Skills Training (PST)

Select an individual—a real person, not fictitious—but you’ll have to agree on a real person and a situation where this individual requires such psychological skill strengthening, and then, you will put together a program. This program will consist of all the psychological skills that we’ve reviewed, and it must be created in the three phases that are listed in your text and we have reviewed as well: Education phase, Acquisition phase, and Practice phase.
Remember: This is a comprehensive project, so please address all the psychological tools that we’ve mentioned, address them in the three phases, and remember that all assignments must include correct APA in-text citation and matching end references.
Psychological Skills Training (PST)
The systematic practice of mental training skills that helps your performance and enjoyment. The goals are to increase control, commitment, challenge, and or confidence, i.e., mental toughness. Thus, as the ultimate goal, to develop self-regulation. A key feature of a successful PST is the performers ability to detach from previous experiences, either positive or negative. Detachment is a skill that must be taught as a component of your program. Included in your presentation must be detachment research, and your strategy for teaching and implementing this psychological skill.
The Program:

  1. Behavior Modification
    To change an individual’s behavior and reaction to both positive and negative experiences.
    Reinforcement, backwards chaining, shaping, goal-setting for target behaviors…
  2. Cognitive Evaluation Theory
    Changing thinking, behavior, and emotional responses…developing a list of errors in thinking,
    assessing/developing intrinsic motivation, perception of competence, self-determination, and controlling and informational aspects of rewards…

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