Research essay needs to include the 4 P’s of the Marketing Program about Starbucks: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

a) Identify the product types they sell and include pictures of the packaging.
For example, for Frito Lays Inc. some of the product types they sell are
potato chips, corn chips, and tortilla chips.
b) Discuss where you think their products are in the product life cycle and explain why.
c) Identify the corporate (parent) brand (Frito Lays Inc.) and master brands and include pictures of the logos. For example, Doritos, Lays, Fritos, Cheetos etc. are master brands of Frito Lays Inc.
The parent brand includes the words Company, Inc. etc. Sometimes one of the master brands might also include the parent brand name, but without the Inc., Company, Corporation etc.
d) Discuss if their strategy is multi product branding, multi branding, or private branding and fully explain why based on what you observed and the concepts discussed in the textbook. Include pictures.
e) Discuss and give examples of their line extensions or brand extensions. Include pictures.

a) Identify the price point ranges for each product type. Create a table to summarize the products and the price points. It could be bronze, silver, gold or small, medium, and large etc for different product types coffee, tea, brownies etc or TV’s, phones etc.
b) Discuss why or why not you feel their strategy is penetration pricing or skimming.
c) Discuss if they segmented the market by price or some other segmentation approach.

a) Indicate which channels (what types of retailers: grocery stores etc) and which retailers (Target etc) sell their product.
b) Discuss if their distribution strategy is intensive, selective, or exclusive.

Promotion (Advertising)
a) Discuss the types of advertising and promotions they have implemented.
b) Discuss their use of broadcast (TV / Radio), print (magazines / newspapers), and support media (billboards / internet).




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