State legislature

Write a paper on a topic of his /her choosing as long as it relates to State and Local Government and the concepts encompassed in this course. Term paper should be at least five pages and no longer than ten, APA format. Topics and arguments must be presented in a thorough, clear and concise manner. Resources are expected to be used and thus CITATIONS AND REFERNCE PAGE ARE MANDATORY. No exceptions. Paper must have at least three (yes three) sources and at least one must be a book.

Papers must be typed 12point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, single margins.

A title page and reference page are required and do not count towards the minimum number of pages.

Students may only utilize information derived from reputable resources and are limited to using websites. The following types of resources are acceptable:

Scholarly peer-reviewed articles and journals
Government Websites
College and University websites

Resources that are banned:

Special interest sites
Questionable .Com sites
‘Fake news”
Class Notes

Sample Solution