Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice – Project
It has 4 Variable & 2 hypothesis for each one of the 4 subject:
1) Relationship Difficulties
2) Depression/Anxiety
3) Alcohol and other Drugs use
4) Sleep Difficulties

You have been hired by the Provost to work on a research project. The provost is interested in learning more about students who attend universities throughout the country, especially in terms of how they are faring. She would like to see a 6-8 page report that describes the sample of college students you analyze in terms of demographic characteristics. She also is interested in bi variate relationships that would help her understand how students are doing (e.g., you could tell her about gender differences in victimization). Because you are criminal justice students, make sure you’re your memo concerns issues related to criminology, victimology, and criminal justice. In your memo, you should specifically address the following:

Identify 2 null and research hypotheses that you will be able to test. You must include an introductory paragraph(s) that describes what you are examining and why. The WHY must be justified by using existing literature. You must use at least 2 peer-reviewed journal articles to justify what you are examining. For example, if you are interested in examining the relationship between college students attending class and their GPA, you should find a peer-reviewed article that notes that there is a relationship between these two variables.

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