Find the Linear correlation coefficient between variables x and y for the following data:

(x) (y)
1 2
2 4
3 4
4 6
5 6
6 8
7 8
8 9

Obtain the Regression equation of y on x using the data given in Question 1.

A survey was conducted to determine if the air travel anxiety depends upon the frequency of air travel. The number of passengers self -reporting air travel anxiety based on their frequent fliers status is as follows.

Anxiety No Anxiety Total
Not a frequent fliers 10 30 40
Frequent Fliers 20 40 60
Total 30 70 100

Test the claim at level a=0.05 and find the null, alternative hypothesis, the?^2 -test statistics and a statement whether or not you reject the null hypothesis.
(Table value: ??^2?_((0.05,1))= 3.841)

A teacher claims that the number of absent students in her class on each day of the week are equal. The following table gives the number of observed absents of students during week days:
Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total
No. of Absents 14 18 12 11 15 14 84

Test the claim at 5% level of significance that absents occur with equal proportions during the week. (Table Value: ??^2?_((0.05,5))=11.07 )







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