Main hypothesis and research questions for your proposal
H1: The more time people in Dubai spend consuming news, the more worried they are about the future.
IV: The amount of time spending reading/watching news every day
DV: How worried a person is about the future
RQ1: Is there a difference in news consumption habits by age?

Confounding variables

Literature review

IV: Number of hours watching television news, reading news stories online, reading other media, participating on social media, listening to the radio or podcasts.
DV: Create an index: Ask participants
From 1 being not worried at all to 10 being extremely worried, how worried are you about the future?
News-seekers and Avoiders: Exploring Patterns of Total News Consumption Across Media and the Relationship to Civic Participation
The Backbone Structure of Audience Networks: A New Approach to Comparing Online News Consumption Across Countries

Research method: Survey.

For your research: Key search words: News consumption, elaboration likelihood model, effects of news consumption

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