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  1. Watch the following videos below which help prepare teachers to become disrupters of institutionalized racism in US schools (AEA, 2020).
  2. Journal your thoughts on how your school upholds or attempts to dismantle institutionalized racism, and what course(s) of action have you taken to denounce racism in your classroom or school.
  3. Complete this Unit’s Reading Assignments (Bennett, Chapters 3-4) and complete the following PDF. Please complete the PDF solo first, and then share your thoughts in the group chat.
  4. Watch the two videos (below) on Religious Pluralism in the United States and read the following article (Anwaruddin & Gaztambide-Fernandez, 2015).
    Religious pluralism in school curriculum: A dangerous idea or a necessity?
    Trump Speaks to Faith Based Group
    5.Complete this week’s Journal prompt.
    6.Compare and Contrast Banks Chapters 4-5 with 1-2 peer reviewed source(s). In the comparison, include: (a) review of the literature, (b) synthesis or comparison of Banks with the selected article, and (c) your thoughts as a classroom teacher on the implementation of multicultural education as an agent of change.

Sample Solution