a. You will also need to research at least 2 or more scholarly sociology journal articles that are related to your topic. Use the library search link on our class site to research the articles.
b. You will research and cite from 2 other credible sources. (Books, credible websites, newspaper articles, etc.
c. Select 1 or more sociology theories that we have covered in class, or another sociology class to apply to the discussion of your topic when you write each blog entry.
d. Create an outline to help you organize what you will include in your blog entry. Remember to include an introduction, the body and a conclusion. Your blog should incorporate your own opinions about the topic, at least 3 citations from your scholarly journal articles to support your discussion of the topic and you will need to apply 1 your selected theory/theories to your topic in the blog entry.
e. Your blogs should also incorporate at least 2 other citations from your other sources.
f. Each blog entry should be a minimum of 800 words or more. You will be deducted points for having less than 800 words. All citations must be in APA format and you will need to include a reference list at the end of your blog article.































































Sample Solution