Stephen Curry

In “Stephen Curry: Success is Not an Accident,” Colin Stanton states that “whatever you do on a regular basis today will determine where you are tomorrow.” It would be hard to find a better definition of Aristotle’s view about what it takes to become a person of good character, or lead a good life. Stanton also asks “Are the habits that you have today on par with the dreams that you have for tomorrow?”
Write an essay connecting the main ideas discussed in the readings with the lessons demonstrated in the Curry video and the statements above. What do the readings say about what it takes to become a virtuous person? What is arete, and how does it relate both to particular skills (like the ability to become a star basketball player) and general capacities that are good for any human being to possess? What is the distinction Hursthouse and Pettigrove make between mere habit and virtuous dispositions that “go all the way down”? How does Curry exemplify the latter ideal? What makes him morally virtuous?

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