Steps to solving a problem

Review Case 3.2 on page 116 and 117 of your textbook. Then develop your own case study following the
outline described in the textbook case. I want you to think small – something that affects your daily life, at work,
at school, in the community.

  1. Identify your problem.
  2. Fully explain why your problem is a “mess”.
  3. Who would you consult with to resolve the problem? Why for each consultant?
  4. What would you expect each of your “consultants” to recommend to solve the problem?
  5. What would each resolution cost in terms of time and money?
  6. Which resolution is most efficient? Why?
  7. Which resolution is most effective? Why?
  8. Which resolution would you choose to implement? Why?
  9. How would you implement it?
  10. How would you measure the effectiveness of your chosen solution to the problem?

Sample Solution