Stereotype and bias woman

Conduct Research & Inquiry: Consider the following as you decide on a topic for this module. Your topic/issue should:

be an issue/question with no easy answer;
be an issue in which you have a personal stake;
be something that matters to you;
be something you are passionate about and that you think about on the regular;
be a link connecting you and your life to the questions we have been considering throughout the class; and
be from your perspective, and it is a chance to create something that can shape an issue that you care deeply about.

  1. Compose 2-3 paragraphs describing:

the issue you wish to address
why it matters to you
what interests you about it
how it connects to our previous course topics and discussions

  1. Find three external sources (videos, poems, music, art, commentaries articles, etc.) that broaden your understanding of the issue/topic you selected. Compose an Annotated Bibliography with annotations for each of the three sources that includes:

Summary: what the source is about
Analysis: how it intersects with the issue/topic you have selected
Reflection: how it has helped shape/strengthen your thinking about the issue/topic.

Sample Solution