Stocktaking analysis

There are two parts only, (1) portfolio performance/highlights and (2) the bottom two stocks analysis.
For answer the following questions, the writer needs to log in the website: Username: funnymuscolino Password: funnymuscolino Part (1): 1. what is the portfolio structure? how many % we invested in stock, in the mutual fund, in bonds, in gold. 2. which industry we invested in? from the pie chart 3. what is the result of our portfolio? what is the final portfolio value? how many % do we win or lose? how can we compare our portfolio with the industry?
Please include some screenshots to support the % from the
Part (2): Analysis of the bottom two pairs (UnitedHealthGroup, Inc, and General Motors Company) and why.
The results I picked up is on April 2. They have the lowest percentage compare to all the stocks I bought. The writer needs to talk about the performance of the bottom stocks and the reason why they are the bottom one, what affect them (research to support)?

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