Strategic Change

  1. Describe an existing non-profit or public organization of interest to you.
  2. Explain why the organization is in need of strategic change.

3.Conduct a SWOT analysis for the organization. Explain the results of the analysis and how the results might influence the strategic planning process.

  1. Conduct an Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle analysis for the organization. Explain the results of the analysis and how the results might influence the strategic planning process.
  2. Compare organizational outcomes when using SWOT to organizational outcomes when using Appreciative Inquiry.

Use proper APA formatting and include the following:

A title page and running head
An introduction that states the purpose of the paper
Level 1 headings to define each part of the paper
A conclusion to synthesize the entire paper
A minimum of six scholarly sources to support your paper
In-text citations as appropriate -USE PAGE NUMBERS FOR CLASS BOOK CITATIONS
A reference list
You must be able to get access to the class book for this.

Bryson, J. M. (2018). Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Chapter 5, “Assessing the Environment to Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges” (pp. 144-184)
This chapter explains the importance of identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses through environmental assessments. It also examines this assessment process, including external and internal environmental assessments.

Chapter 6, “Identifying Strategic Issues Facing the Organization” (pp. 187-218)
This chapter provides examples of strategic issues organizations commonly face. It also offers ways to identify these issues within an organization.

Resource B, “Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Social Media in the Strategic Planning Process” (pp. 423-459)
This resource examines Web-based tools that might benefit organizations. It also provides examples of their use in the strategic planning process.

These resources and a few others will be provided:

Kotlin, A. D. (2008). What does it take to have a successful strategic plan?! CPA Practice Management Forum, 4(1), 20–21.

Malik, S. A., Al Kahtani, N. S., & Naushad, M. (2013). Integrating AHP, SWOT and QSPM in strategic planning—An application to College Of Business Administration in Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Academic Research, 5(5), 373–379.

Millett, S. M. (2006). Futuring and visioning: Complementary approaches to strategic decision making. Strategy & Leadership, 34(3), 43–50.

Yoder, E. C., Long, W. E., & Nix, D. E. (2013). Phase zero contracting operations—Strategic and integrative planning for contingency and expeditionary operations. Defense Acquisition Research Journal, 20(3), 349–372.

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