Strategic Choice and Implementation Report

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It is often noted that implementation is the most difficult aspect of strategic management. With reference to your chosen organisation, how might this be the case? Your Report should cover the following: 1. Executive Summary 2. Background Information of the Organisation (or SBU) chosen 3. Identify and evaluate the suitability of the organisation’s current strategic management strategy (a) Identify the strategy that the organisation (or SBU) is implementing/has implemented by examining its strategy statement and/or its value chain activities. (b) Evaluate the suitability of the organisation’s current strategy based on the outcomes of your analysis (e.g., the identification of the organisation’s current strategy and the most significant factors affecting the organisation’s performance, and your understanding of the organisation’s strategy). If the current strategy is not suitable, please recommend no more than two alternative strategic initiatives that the organisation should pursue and justify your recommendations. 4. Evaluate the implementation of strategy: using Hubbard’s model to evaluate how key factors (i.e., leadership, people, culture, capabilities) influence strategy implementation 5. Identify the key issues and give your recommendations 6. Draw your conclusion The rationale for this task is to develop skills in problem solving, analysis, evaluation and reflection in relation to strategic implementation in contemporary organisation. Completion of this assessment should facilitate the development of a good understanding of what is involved in the process of strategic implementation.





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