Strategic Formulation And Process

You are a consultant hired by a company to evaluate its strategic competitive position in the industry. Choose a company from the following Web site ONLY:

The Transformation 20: The Top Global Companies Leading Strategic Transformations (Link Below)

You will evaluate the company’s strategic competitive position by using Porter’s Five Forces model. Porter’s Five Forces model is an external model used to evaluate the competition in an industry and includes the following:

Threat of new entrants
Bargaining power of suppliers
Bargaining power of buyers
Threat of substitute products or services
Existing industry rivalry
Apply the Porter’s Five Forces model to research on the company you chose and answer the following questions:

Which of Porter’s Five Forces should be the highest priority and why?
Which of Porter’s Five Forces should be a lower priority and why?
What can the company do to maintain or improve its strategic competitive position?
Use the Strategy Template (Sample attached) to complete the assignment.

Sample Solution