Strategic management is an evolution and a destination

I. On the Basics —a. We have said that strategic management is an evolution and a destination. What does this mean? Discuss M detail. b. Provide three examples of how your team company is or is not a strategic management firm. c. Lastly, clearly and succinctly describe your team company’s mission statement as well as the 2018 :s.1: objectives of the fm. 2.oncom::e:ces a. Discuss three traditional roles of the board of directors. A. identify and discuss the most urgent governance issue impacting your team company, board — what are they doing to manage this important issue? b. Finally, identify and evaluate a major philanthropic initiativd=m to which your team CEO 3 . . Co n company Yet contributes rF7a e aFtdrae alma good while a’ ‘the firm well.

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