Strategies that support empowerment and recovery

Read the following case study. You are then to complete a video recording based upon the case study. You will play the role of the Case Manager and a fellow student will play the role of the client. You need to provide advice and information to the client on supports and services that could assist them in their recovery.
The video recording needs to be at least 5 minutes in duration.
The video needs to show evidence of your ability to:
• Gather and interpret information about the person’s needs from the person
• Identify and discuss with the person services and strategies that support empowerment and recovery
• Support the person to express their own identity and preferences and avoid imposing own values and attitudes
• Provide support that facilitates progress towards the person’s goals in collaboration with the person

Case Study
You are a case manager at a youth service and you have a new client called Kate.
Kate is 18 years old and has a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.
Kate has a history of running away from home. For the last three weeks she has been sleeping rough or in shelters when she gets a place. She was living with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, who is the reason she gives for running away. She wants help to get regular accommodation.
She has also run out of the medication that she takes for her Bipolar Disorder and doesn’t have the money to buy more medication.

Sample Solution