Successful Work Strategies from Around the World

Research and report on things happening outside the U.S. relative to many of the issues we cover in this course. You may select one of the following options:

Compare and contrast U.S. and global companies doing business around the world and their behaviors within differing geographic borders (and economic systems). In particular, what countries would you consider success stories in today’s globalized economy and why? What are other countries doing to address work-family dilemmas and social inequalities related to race, class, and gender?

You may select a company from the list below or select your own.

Companies which have their businesses in both the US and other countries:
Various car companies
Choose a field such as healthcare systems or unions and analyze the dynamics of work-family balance, and inequalities that exist.
Choose any country and look at their top three businesses. Compare and contrast those three businesses with the US’s top three businesses (Walmart, Exxon Mobile, and Apple) and provide a comparative analysis.

Sample Solution