Succession Planning

In the CapraTek: Succession Planning simulation, identify the three best candidates for the plant manager
position, interview each candidate, and select your top choice. Create a career development plan for the
selected candidate.
For this assessment, you will use the CapraTek: Succession Planning simulation. Using this simulation,
featuring a fictitious technology organization, requires you to make decisions about the best candidates for a
plant manager position, to interview the candidates, and to select your top candidate in order to create a career
development plan.

Assess an organization’s strategic plan for training.
Analyze how succession planning supports an organization’s strategic training plan.
Competency 5: Identify effective organizational processes and roles for employee development.
Articulate why candidates were selected to be interviewed.
Develop a career development plan for the chosen candidate.
Analyze the selection of a candidate to hire for a position.

Sample Solution