You should write 2-3 pages in total, devoting about one page, or 2-3 paragraphs on each articles first article- Fredric Jameson, “Post-Modernism and Consumer Society”, second article-American Family Association, “Homosexuality: Exposing the Myths.” and third article- Naomi Klein. “New Branded World” in No Logo. There is total three articles and you have to summarize each article separately. Summary should be written as an essay (in sentences and paragraphs, not bullet points) and address the following questions: What is the purpose or argument of each reading? How does the author make his/her argument? Provide examples from the text. Who is the author, and who is the document or reading’s intended audience? Is this a primary or secondary source? If this is a primary source, explain the context of the document, as you understand it from the content of the text. What does the author say that relates to what you have learned in this course? If this is a secondary source, what kind of context does it bring to other documents, and to you understanding of US history? How do the documents relate to each other? You may only refer to the content of the documents. This summary does not require any additional outside sources. Use of outside sources will result in an automatic maximum grade on the summary of C. Use of Wikipedia, or any other Internet-only source will result in an automatic failing grade on the assignment. Please follow the instruction carefully and I need this paper as soon as possible. I am attaching the summary pdf and all three articles in the files document below. Please follow the instruction carefully. Summary should be written as an essay. Do not use any other outside sources. Just this article which is attached below in the documents.

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