Supers Lifespan Theory

Directions Donald Super believed that humans are anything but static and that personal change is continuous. Supers Life-Span theory is a comprehensive developmental model that accounts for the various important influences on a person as they experience different life roles and various life stages. Here are some of Supers main tenets: Every individual has potential. People have skills and talents that they develop through different life roles, making them capable of a variety of tasks and numerous occupations. People seek career satisfaction through work roles in which they can express themselves and develop their self-concept. Self-knowledge is the key to career choice and job satisfaction. Career development is lifelong and accounts for the changes and decisions that people make from career entry to retirement. Supers Life-Span theory underscores the importance of examining career development within the larger context of an individual’s roles, lifestyle and achieving life/work balance [Reference: Baruch, Y. (2004). Managing Careers: Theory and Practice. Pearson Education.]
Think about the statements, questions, and scenarios below. Which of these two statements do you believe is truer of today’s employees? The idea of work/life balance suggests that while employees are busy earning a living, they are also busy living a life. Or is the situation the reverse in that while people are busy living a life, they are also earning a living to support their lifestyle. Take a position on whether work is the primary factor of your identity and respond accordingly. How has Supers lifespan theory informed your career development perspective and plans? Create a short response explaining your position on each of these questions. ” ” ” •




































































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