Support Mental Models

Complete each of the 3 categories from any one of the use cases using the attached Template:

Heuristics Report

Situational Awareness
Support Mental Models
Support User Goals
You can use any combination of use cases from any site listed above to complete each category. (e.g. Dell for Situational Awareness, Indeed for Mental Models, etc.)
Per category, identify for each line item what Heuristic you see either being successfully used or fails.
Refer to the lecture and Jakob Nielson’s heuristic that reinforces your point of view.
Screenshots should be showing the specific area on the page you are highlighting for your example.
Make sure you have at least one example per line item in the template.

Use as the baseline use cases:

Findability of specific topics a user is looking for
Discoverability of content previously unknown to user
How does the search and navigation assist or hinder the user
Use the attached template for marking your results.
You will need to reference at least one example with an explanation for each rating score. Examples should justify why something scored well or poorly.

Sample Solution