Sustainability Knowledge in Business

By referring to the sustainability report of Qatar Chemical Company LTD (Q-Chem) for the year
2019 (attached), you are required to summarize the company’s sustainability program in a short 4-
page report)
• The font size for the text must be 12 and 14 for titles and sub-titles using Times New
• The summarized report must be typed printed and uploaded to the blackboard either on or
before the deadline.
• The cover page MUST include your full name and ID.
• Both the cover page and the contents’ page as well as appendices are not counted as part
of the 4 pages stated above.
Your summarized report should address the following:
• Identify and explain the applicable dimensions (Economic and Environmental/Social) of
• Identify and explain the impact of applicable stakeholders (e.g. Government, nongovernmental organizations,
etc.) on sustainability
• Discuss the implications of sustainability on business
• What are your recommendations to the company to improve its sustainability’s program?
Discuss and justify your answer

Sample Solution