Sustainability Video Project

Assessment Details
Course Code: LSN 1113
Course Name: Introduction to Sustainability
Course Teacher:
Task Title: Problem-based Learning Project – Part 1: Sustainability Video
Task Description: Video Presentation about a sustainability issue at home, campus, neighborhood or the larger community
Special Instructions: Students need to submit the Project Planner and Video Script along with the final video.
Weighting: 10%
Duration/Word Limit: 6 minutes
Due Date: Week 12
Grading/Marking Criteria:
(to be determined by the teacher using the attached criteria matrix) Your grade will be determined using the relevant criteria from the attached rubric.
Late Penalty: Unless special circumstances are agreed with the course teacher regarding late submission, work submitted 1 working day late will be deducted 10%, 2 days late 20%, 3 days late 30% and any work submitted more than 3 days late will get a zero mark.
Academic Honesty: Breaches of Academic Honesty will be treated with the utmost seriousness. You are reminded the penalties for cheating or plagiarism include dismissal from the HCT.
(for more information please refer to Academic and Student Regulations, HCT Academic Honesty Policy, Student Handbook)

Sustainability Video Project Task Description

Scope and Goals

For this project, you will be working in a group to explore and document a sustainability problem in the UAE and create a video presentation about it. The main objectives are to communicate clear and accurate message in an engaging manner for an audience of your peers. You are expected to address issues related to energy, water, waste or food. You may also choose any other related topic but this is subject to the approval of your teacher.
The video will have 3 parts:
Part 1: Observation that you notice at home, in your neighborhood or your city at large regarding a sustainability issue – for example food, water, energy, paper, electronic or plastic waste.
Part 2: Analyses of the factors that are leading to or impacting this issue.
Part 3: The extent and consequences of this problem in terms of the three pillars of sustainability (effects on the environment, people and the economy) at different levels; personal, local, national or even global. You need to include some relevant statistics – for example the amount of waste produced per capita, etc.
Note: You need to include real life footage of the problem taken by members of your group. Most parts of the video should be created by group members.
Project Components: (All to be submitted along with the video)

  1. A script for the video: (250 words each part, 750 words altogether)
  2. The final video production: Using I-Movie or Movie Maker, you will need to record a voice over of your script and merge your video clip, pictures or other materials (graphics or animations) representing your ideas to create your final video.

Project Details:
APA References need to be included at the end of the video.
Video Duration: 6 minutes (approximately 2 minutes for each part).

Sample Solution