SWOT and PESTEL analysis for chosen airline

Businesses employ number of strategies to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. Many times, the strategies of their competitors, changes in the business environment and ability of the leadership influences the businesses’ strategy and response. The increasing importance of CSR is also influencing business like never seen before.

select any airline based in Europe and perform the following tasks.

Perform a SWOT and PESTEL analysis for chosen airline (20%)
From the analysis in task 1, in your opinion, evaluate how the changes in PESTEL factors has influenced the Opportunities and Threats business. Critically comment on how the airline is addressing their Strengths to negate Threats and Weakness affecting their Opportunities. (20%)
Compare and contrast the different styles of leadership. Comment on the appropriate leadership and management style at the chosen airline. (20%)
Recommend a suitable leadership style that will help them meet their business objectives. Justify your choice using appropriate literature. (20%),
Critically comment on their Corporate Social Responsibilities in the processes using evidence from your research. (20%).

Sample Solution